Total Care


Total Care provides a is a system that takes care of the total IT environment for a fixed monthly fee either per user or a simple fee for the entire business.

At Base10 we encourage businesses to have all IT issues addressed without impacting on the cost of the system and the Total Care System allows unlimited support calls for no additional charge. In that way, were all IT issues are being addressed, there is no place for leaving things undone and ultimately the system is improved with every visit.
At Base10 we find that our clients that have signed up to a Total Care agreement have better and more stable systems, have fewer IT issues and also have lower IT costs.

An easy per user per month model or a fixed monthly fee for ALL your IT services.

Our aim is to deliver to you the very best performing system that will have ALL your IT needs met. Our focus is on performance and reliability since that will keep support costs to a minimum.

The Total Care system is made up of a number of components.

  1. No catches, no hidden costs and no surprises
  2. Monitoring of the entire system
  3. Security without compromise
  4. Full backup and replication of all critical systems
  5. Maintenance to the highest level
  6. All remote and on-site support included
  7. No complex legal agreements
  8. Call us as often as you need us for onsite or remote support.

Total Care is adaptable to all types of systems, so whether your system is based on Cloud Computing, is running In-House or is a Hybrid system, give is a call to discuss your Total Care IT requirements.

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