October 28, 2016
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Is your business and staff prepared for IT security treats?

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to identifying threats that enter my own computer,
October 25, 2016
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Why Office 365 is taking off

If you’re still thinking about an on-premise solution for your business in your IT planning, then
October 6, 2016

D0xWare – take note of the new malware

Once again we’re alerted to a new form of ransomware.
(See yesterdays NZ Herald article by
August 22, 2016
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The 7 benefits of Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a service (as opposed to SaaS Software as a Service) is not a new
August 4, 2016
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Why you should consider and SSD disk option

You would be  better off with a Solid State Disk Drive for your next notebook and PC
August 2, 2016

What’s the chance that your hard drive will fail.

Every hard drive will eventually fail
Surprisingly, even though they spin constantly at between 5000 and