In-House Computing

In-House Computing

If you want to keep things close to your chest

The drive to cloud computing does not mean that you have to compromise. While cloud computing may be the latest trend, it is not necessarily a solution for every business. Where you have secure facilities there may not be a need to hand your valuable data and applications to someone else.

One of the major benefits of cloud computing is the flexibility of adjusting your IT resources to your business, the per user per month billing that Cloud Computing provides for every aspect of your business computing. Some businesses prefer servers to run in the office and where IT support resources are readily at hand either internally or through a support company like Base10, you may prefer to run your systems in-house.

Base10 provides a system of Total Care for in-house systems, where the management, maintenance and support  of IT is provided on a per user per month basis, meaning that an in-house system does not mean that there has to be a compromise on the billing or the support and management of the system.

  1. Know who works on your systems
  2. No compromise on security or support
  3. Fixed Fee support and maintenance options
  4. Easy design, even for multi-server environments
  5. No compromise on backup
  6. No complex legal agreements
  7. Easy, fast and reliable access from any location


Hybrid Systems

Most businesses that run their IT in the cloud may still require some services to be in-house. Cloud Computing for instance still requires good security on the desktops in the office and a good firewall. In some cases only selected applications are run in the cloud. A good example of this may be an accounting or law firm where the main databases and documents are kept on an in-house server and the mail system runs on Microsoft Office 365.

Base10 can configure and manage these system whether they are pure cloud systems, hybrid systems or systems that run entirely in-house. All models are managed in the Base10 Total Care fashion.

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