Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The introduction of Cloud Computing can be hugely beneficial to any business. A successful cloud implementation will inevitably lead to increased productivity throughout the organisation.

Our mission is to effectively implement cloud computing for every user in any business.

With Citrix, Base10 can deliver any software via the cloud, even if it is not designed for cloud computing

We extend our Base10 cloud services with Microsoft’s Office 365.

The Base10 Cloud services removes the management of the server-side from the client premises and users can work from any location at any time and on any device. (Windows, Android or IOS.

Cloud Computing provides for a flexible per user per month billing, based on only the services that each user requires. A business using cloud services can easily budget their IT spend based on staff numbers and staff requirements. Cloud based businesses are not subjected to costly IT upgrades that are required for businesses that run in-house equipment.

At Base10 we understand that pure cloud computing is not always the immediate answer. Often our approach is to run a hybrid cloud model, integrating in-house services with cloud services, before we migrate to a full cloud model.

Software Licensing, including Microsoft operating system and Microsoft Office licenses can be purchased on a per user per month basis, transforming the entire IT environment onto a cloud based billing platform.

  1. Server environment managed by Base10.
  2. User Desktops – delivered to any device to any location.
  3. Any software, even legacy software that is not available as cloud software.
  4. Data Backup – File, Mail, Database and full desktops and servers.
  5. Full business mail and collaboration on Outlook / Office 365.
  6. Online folders and documents.
  7. Seamless integration with in-house services.
  8. Per user per month Cloud based Licensing.
  9. Services are local in the Data Centre in Auckland.

Three hosting options include:

  • Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.
  • Base10 Ultra Cloud – Hosted in a Auckland data centre and are geo-replicated.
  • Base10 Cloud – Hosted in a secure and monitored Auckland office location.

To find out more about Cloud Computing, please Contact Us. Also, read our blog “5 considerations when moving to Cloud Computing“.

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