Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Private Cloud – Large Nation-wide Wholesaler

Our client, a large wholesaler started 3 years ago with 5 users. Today they have over 80 staff and over 15 branches throughout New Zealand, all using a bespoke point of sale and accounting system that runs on Base10 servers hosted in Auckland.

Base10 maintains the complex Microsoft SQL environment that is required for their point of sale and accounting system. End users have the application delivered to them via Citrix, i.e. they can securely access the applications on any device, including Apple, iPhones and Android devices.

The company has no server equipment in their offices.

Public Cloud – An office with 30+ Staff

A software company with over 30 staff uses Office 365 for email and DropBox for business for document storage and sharing, with Base10 supporting the user and cloud environment for them. With Office 365 and Dropbox basic security allows segregation of confidential information and Office 365 information is available from any type of device and from any location.