Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery

At Base10 we think that a good backup strategy is one of the most important aspects of your IT system. With the number of threats both internal as well as external, good backup is not optional but essential. Even with the best security systems implemented, events do occur that compromise the data or integrity of a system and while a restore may be a last resort, at Base10 we have successfully made use of a backup on a number of occasions.

See our blog “What we learned from the big Auckland warehouse fire”.

In the planning of any backup system we are keep in mind that the ultimate aim of a good backup is all about being able to restore successfully. While most businesses maintain that their business is fully reliant on their IT system, the backup process may differ somewhat between businesses, depending largely on what is required to be backed up and how fast a full restore has to be implemented.

With full system replication and snapshot backups being the norm, a backup of the full server systems is easy to achieve and a full backup of all critical workstations should be considered with the purchase of every workstation.

Snapshots of entire systems can be run as often as every hour, giving a business the capability of restoring very recent backups, not only of entire systems, but also of individual files (or emails if that is included in the backup). With this type if backup in place, uses can for instance restore an individual document file if they have made alterations to a file that they want to reverse.

A strategy that we recommend at Base10 is to keep all documents on the server, or to use Cloud Computing so that data is not exposed to loss of a workstation and so that all data is included in the business backup.

  1. Backup your for you entire server or system
  2. Backup for individual files and folders
  3. Backup for SQL, Exchange, Oracle, Lotus notes
  4. Backup for complete server images
  5. Inexpensive automated online backup to our (or to your own) equipment
  6. Quick and easy restore

Base10’s backup servers are hosted securely in our Auckland Data Centre.

Get the document: 8 backup checks that every business needs.

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