Meet the team

Meet the team

Uli Knapp

Boss of all things

Uli is the boss of everything Base10 and also does a bit of everything else.
On weekends Uli looks after his bees and brings honey to the office when the harvest is good.

Manasi Gupta

Office administrator extraordinaire

Manasi manages all the non-IT things at Base10. She will be the one to make you feel welcome when you call or visit. Because of her things run smoothly.
On many weekends Manasi can be seen performing in traditional Indian dance shows.

Paulette Brown

Team Coordinator extraordinaire

Paulette holds the IT Team together, finds out what deals are on and where to order. Paulette plans our project in great detail. Her work often just happens in the background.
At home Paulette is super-mom and spends time with her 3 girls.

Alex Stan

IT Engineer extraordinaire

What Alex cannot do in half the time simply cannot be done. Alex is an expert at finding ways to a solution.
When Alex is not working on IT matters, he dismantles Audis and takes really nice pictures with his camera.

Prasad Goshikonda

IT Engineer extraordinaire

Prasad’s careful, thorough and methodical approach to any IT issue guarantees success in every case.
In his spare time Prasad travels, hikes and spends time with family.

Vladislav Shushakov

IT Engineer extraordinaire

Vlad knows things about anything any area of IT, from Microsoft to Linux, Blackberry to IOS and Android. Truly a master of all disciplines.
No one knows what Vlad does in his spare time. He speaks fluent Russian.

Aleksandr Borodin

IT Engineer extraordinaire

Aleksandr is the most helpful IT person you will come across. He loves to get out to our clients/
Aleksandr can do over 100 push-ups. (With his three children sitting on his back). He shares more cake in the office than anyone.