About Us

About Us

A short history

Base10 started in 1996 as Gulf Networks. In a world and time where IT companies came and went Gulf Networks lived on with its principles based on unwavering honesty and integrity.  We always did believe that to be successful one first has to be trustworthy. Base10 (as it is now known) remains one of the longest standing IT companies in New Zealand.

Our purpose is to be helpful, responsive, friendly and above all, honest to ourselves and our clients. We make your IT environment STRESS FREE by providing top class support, security and a well designed and maintained systems.

Recently and after many brainstorming sessions we decided on a new name for Gulf Networks, and Base10 was born.

In November 2015 Base10 was acquired by IDCTek, already one of the best IT companies in New Zealand. IDCTek, based in East Tamaki, has similar values to Base10. All engineering staff are now employed by IDCTek. Base10 remains as a brand.

An IT company that has now been looking after successful New Zealand businesses for well over 20 years.
And why Base10?

Easy, after nearly 22 years in business, we have become one of the best IT companies in New Zealand. – Definitely a solid base. And why the 10. Well, the computer systems we look after use Binary as a number system, sometimes called Base2, or in Binary, Base10 (Base One Zero). But since you and I find it easier to think in 10s (tens) we thought that Base10 (Base Ten) made a lot more sense. We like to think that we look after people as much as we look after computer systems.

Base10’s expertise if focussed on IT Systems that are in use in typical New Zealand businesses, both small and large, straightforward or more complex. With the Data Centre services in Auckland we can provide local Cloud services. As a support company we support people with their IT at all levels in the business, management to make sound IT decisions and staff to work effectively with those systems.

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